Beaded Bracelet

For a simple donation of $3 you have a bead bracelet in just about any color

you would like.

*Shipping and handling not included

The girls love making these

in their spare time.

"Life at Olmalaika"
Watercolor Collection

Beaded Angels



PLANT 50,000 TREES IN 2019


Large Knitted Angel

For a donation of $12

approx 10 inches (25 cm)
*Textured Beige (Dorper Dyed)

 or Dorper

Home spun, hand knitted by rural women in Kenya ~ (Organic Cotton)


The Olmalaika Home "Angel"

For a donation of $5
approx 4 inches or 10 cm

Changing Lives Stitch by Stitch ~ Kenana Knitters Ltd.
Made in Kenya

*Shipping and handling not included

For a donation of $12.00 you will get a set.

*Includes shipping

*Each set has 8 cards/envelopes

*Each card is 4x5 and blank inside with information

about the Olmalaika Home on the back.

~ Available ~

Variety Set - 2 of each picture

Single Set - 8 angel cards w/envelopes

Original Oil Paintings on Canvas

*Cost does not include shipping

*Cost does not include frame

We are so excited and blessed to share Olivia Maritz's oil paintings with the world! She has an amazing gift and has offered to share it with us in order to help bring about awareness of THE OLMALAIKA HOME, female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage. She has done 12 portraits portraits of the girls for us - the ones that are still available are here.

If you would like to purchase an original please contact us. 100% goes to the home.

We are so thankful for Olivia and the difference she has made.



15.7"x15.7" (40cm x 40cm)



15.7"x23.6" (40cm x 60cm)

"Little Miss Timpiyian"


19.6"x23.6" (50cm x 60cm)

"Blowing Bubbles"


18"x24" (45cm x 61cm)



19.6"x23.6" (50cm x 60cm)



19.6" x 29.5" (50cm x 75cm)

."A Visit to the Clinic"


19.6"x19.6" (50cm x 50cm)

For a donation of $5 you can get a very special beaded angel made by Maasai ladies from Olorte, Kenya.

*Shipping and handling not included

Hand Made in Kenya.

 Contact Deb Alston

"Olmalaika Home Ambassador"

A special necklace designed as a reminder that FGM

(female genital mutilation) must come to an end.

This bead work is done by  Maasai ladies who not only want to make a difference for their own families, but for others as well.

For a donation of US$30 can get a necklace of your choice to you. 

*Shipping and handling is not included

6 girls were circumcised with this sharpened piece of tin and the razor - with the blood still on it, it was then wrapped in the tan piece of cloth to keep

it ready for the next one.

The beaded necklace has special significance - the girls make it in memory of the day they "became" a woman (endured fgm). The rings on the beaded string

are given to each friends in memory of that day.

In other areas the ring symbolizes a dream or wish for something after the marriage. Maybe a blanket, a goat, cow, a baby..... each ring representing a blessing.

The necklaces that we sell represent this one - and are a great way to share with others about fgm and child marriage in order to help be a voice for these girls.

1/4 kg bag - $5

(125 seedballs)

1/2 kg bag - $6

(250 seedballs)

1 kg bag - $7

(500 seedballs)

25kg bag - $13

(approx 11,250 seedballs)

The Olmalaika Home, Global Village Ministries and African Springs Safaris Ltd has teamed up and has a goal to help create forests in Kenya again.

Help us make Kenya green again.

"I am in class 8 and my name is Mariamu.  I would like to be a lawyer in the future simply to help people with their problems. I thank God for He has protected me"

Miriamu needs 3 partial sponsors

"I am in class 5  and my name is Margaret. My dream is to become a doctor, because I would like to treat sick people"

Margaret needs a full sponsor or 4 partial sponsors


"I am in Form I (Freshman) and my name is Lanet. My dream is to be a pilot so that I could search for those who are poaching wildlife in Kenya."

Lanet needs 1 partial sponsor.

"I am in Class 3 and my name is Leah. I dream of being a nurse someday."

Leah needs one full sponsor or 4 partial sponsors

"I am in Class 6 and my name is Soile. 

I dream of

becoming  a pilot someday"

Soile needs 4 partial sponsors.

"I am in Class 2 and  name is Namunyak. I love Olmalaika. I like to become a teacher.  I love you mum Kim"

Namunyak needs a full sponsor or 4 partial


"I am in Class 1 and my name is Agnes. I dream of becoming a doctor someday."

Agnes needs one full sponsor or 4 partial sponsors

"I am in Class 1 and my name is Elizabeth. I hope to be a doctor."

Elizabeth needs one full sponsor or 4 partial sponsors

"I am in Class 7 and my name is Neema. My dream is to be a teacher so that I will come to help our country especially in primary school"

Neema needs one full sponsor or 4 partial spomsors.

~ Be a HOME Sponsor ~

 Enabling 14 staff to keep the girls safe, loved, feed, and well taken care of.

Give yearly, give once a month ~ you'll be changing lives. 

Be a Sponsor - Give the  Gift of Life

Open for detailed


Full Sponsorship $100 per month Partial Sponsorship $25 per month