The Olmalaika Home is totally dependent on donations.

You can donate directly to our account in Kenya

or via

Global Village Ministries

(a 501(c)3 in the USA)

The mission of THE OLMALAIKA HOME is to house

and protect young girls who have endured or are at risk of

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and/or childhood marriage, providing a warm, nurturing and loving environment;

guiding them to see themselves as persons
of value through God's eyes; fostering respect and appreciation for their peers, teachers, leaders,

and culture, enabling them to be a generation

of educated, productive, respected and

valuable young women.

We believe in the Bible as the guide of our faith. It reveals to us God’s love and plan for our lives. Our greatest desire is to reflect our Maker.

We strive to show God's love to all. Jesus engaged in work that was for the benefit of all mankind – spiritually, mentally, and physically. He alone makes us whole. We want to model our lives after our Maker in character and action.

Each of us are blessed with gifts and talents that can make a difference. Together we can change the world!

Are you wanting to make a difference? 

Is your family going on a safari and wanting to

impact the lives of others?

Our home offers  all sorts of opportunities to volunteers to provide medical and dental care, teach/tutor, experience new cultures and traditions, plus see amazing wildlife.

Your age, your profession are not what is important -

it is simply your heart that

makes the difference.


We are currently in the process of registering as THE OLMALAIKA TRUST here in Kenya. We as trustees believe in the importance of education and doing our part to enable lives to be changed for the better. Our funding comes largely from Global Village Ministries (GVM) which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) registered in the United States. Global Village Ministries also provides opportunities three times a year for medical and dental volunteers from all over the world to come to Kenya and provide care in remote areas.